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Barre Classes with Jen Brown (MM 1991-96)

Jen Brown (MM 1991-96) is offering four free half-hour barre sessions per week during lockdown. The sessions are at 7.30am but can done at anytime.

Jen says: “You’ll always need a high backed chair, and if possible a couple of 1kg weights/bottles of water/tins of beans, and a Pilates ball/deflated football.  What you don’t need is any experience, musicality or to be a certain body type. Barre is for everyone. The only thing I ask is that you spread the word.”

Here’s the link to Jen’s Facebook page and the barre sessions

Monday                     Arms and Abs

Weds                        Cardio barre

Friday                       Whole Body

Sat (9.00am)             Legs