Amelia Wix (MO 1999-2004) – Hospitality For Heroes

Amelia Wix (MO 1999-2004) sent us the following appeal that she is involved in.

“We launched Hospitality For Heroes on Sunday which is providing free and healthy meals to NHS workers at hospitals. We are a not-for-profit initiative that’s come from within the hospitality industry, it started with small chefs launching a campaign to raise money to buy fresh produce from quality suppliers in order to use their free time to make restaurant-quality dishes for the NHS workforce. The chefs involved are head chefs at local restaurants as opposed to chains and they’re committed to providing healthy nutritious meals at a cost of approximately £3 per dish. We launched through a “nominate” challenge whereby chefs around the country and indeed the public at home challenge one another to share a recipe to encourage creative and healthy cooking at home and ask people to donate to the cause.

We are due to get some well known names backing our campaign on social which will help tremendously with awareness of the initiative, but we also need to increase the donations we have coming in so that we can purchase supplies (we are also speaking with various suppliers re getting food donated where possible).

We have our first delivery going out to hospital staff on Friday and Charing Cross hospital are currently making arrangements for storage of the meals so that they can provide this offering to 600 hundred of their staff.

The follow are links to our website, Go Fund Me page and instagram channel.”