On The Shelves On World Book Day

As seems appropriate on World Book Day, we have books from two OMs to share!

Firstly, Richard Brown (C1 1970-74) has published two books which both use some aspects of his veterinary career as background.

The first is A Classical Vet in Modern Times and tells of the encounters of a rural vet: the (unusual) work he/she is involved in and also the problems of the local farmers.

One Life Two Worlds. This story begins peacefully with a student back packer, Richard Jones, wandering through South America. It concludes more than a decade later with a violent crescendo in Belize.

Secondly, A Heap of Stones by Adam Pollock (C2 1950-54)

This is the story of the now legendary Batignano opera festival and how it came about, tracing the life of its founder from stage-struck wartime child to his career as a fashionable designer in swinging sixties London and then his ‘dropping our’ to find a new life in Italy in a derelict building, the ‘heap of stones,’ that would launch so much young talent in the opera world.