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Coronavirus Support Group UK

James Johnstone (C1 1977-80) has set up a new nationwide effort to help communities support each other during the COVID-19 outbreak which has received national press coverage.

You can find more information at All the information and tools are free to use. They will also be launching a Facebook Group: Coronavirus Support Group UK (which will be live soon), and are on Twitter (@TheCSGUK). The Group has attracted a lot of press interest and James was recently interviewed by The Times.

He contacted us to explain, “After setting up our own local support group in our street in 24hrs (with over 50% of residents already signed up), we have worked non-stop for the past four days to build a website to help others. Word has quickly spread and we’ve had feedback and requests for help from people and groups from Canada to Switzerland and all across the UK.”

The website provides six easy steps for people to set up their own local support group in their street or postcode area, and includes tools, tips, advice and templates. It also has a wealth of useful, easy-to-read, illustrated information and advice for individuals and families across a wide range of subjects relating to coronavirus COVID-19. These are all sourced from UK, US and global organisations, governments and charities. The website aims to reassure people, set up new community groups, relieve pressure on health care and emergency services and provide a one-stop source of information on coronavirus.

You can find out more information about the College and Club’s response to COVID-19 here.