Lewis Borg-Cardona (BH 1973-77)

When we last shared news of Lewis Borg-Cardona (BH 1973-77), his podcast “Unwrapping ‘A Christmas Gift For You’ – The Story Of The Phil Spector Christmas Album” had been announced as a finalist in last year’s New York Festivals Radio Awards. We are very pleased, albeit belatedly, to announce that he won the award. Congratulations to him from the Marlburian Club.

Lewis’s next project is the podcast series ‘Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle’ which goes ‘live’ on BBC Sounds on Thursday 6th February. The BBC website explains that the podcast “will follow former undercover police officer Peter Bleksley as he searches for one of Britain’s most wanted men. Kevin Parle is a suspect in two brutal murders that took place in Liverpool in the early 2000s. He’s been on the run for 15 years. Peter Bleksley, best known from Channel 4’s Hunted and a former Metropolitan Police officer, wants to find the fugitive so he can be returned to Liverpool to face justice. Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle follows Peter’s hunt for Parle as the former detective uses old-school know how, intelligence experts and amateur detectives from around the world to trace the suspect. Peter has faced abuse and threats during the making of the podcast and the search for Parle. Made by the producer of the award-winning Beyond Reasonable Doubt podcast, will Peter find his man?”

Lewis is pictured above with the investigator Peter Bleksley and writer/editor of the series Mark Sandell.