Launch of the Old Marlburian Angel Investment Network (OMAIN)

A great many of Marlborough’s alumni have gone on to establish successful businesses. The development of the new innovation centre will continue the college’s long tradition of explicitly nurturing independent, creative students with an appetite for risk.

To support these qualities beyond our pupils time at the college, the Old Marlburian Angel Investment Network (OMAIN) has now been launched. Its objective is to help entrepreneurial OMs access seed or development funding for their early-stage businesses. The funding and all important business advice, comes from those with a Marlborough College association, including current parents, who are looking for interesting investment opportunities and a desire to guide young businesses and their founders towards success.

Through an online portal and events, OMAIN makes potential investors aware of investment opportunities in OM linked companies. The platform has already made its first successful introduction by raising close to £150,000 through three OM Angels for BeReady, founded by Kyle Burrows (C1 1986-90). There are currently three further ‘live’ OM founded companies in the network seeking to raise capital.

Whilst it takes no fees for making introductions, OMAIN membership rules recommend a minimum of 5% of the capital raised by the company via the OMAIN platform be donated to the Marlborough College Foundation.

Specifically the hope of the OMAIN initiative is not only improve the chances of OM business ideas becoming successful, but to contribute to life changing opportunities for deserving, creative, entrepreneurial students whose families couldn’t otherwise contemplate a Marlborough education.

Should you have the interest, experience and resources to consider making investments in early stage companies then please join OMAIN by clicking here.