Jo Mann (LI 1997-99)

Jo Mann (LI 1997-99) has recently completed the huge physical challenge of sailing round Australia to raise money for Mind, the Mental Health Charity.

Before the race she said, “The Clipper Race is a round the world endurance test and I will be joining our boat, Punta del Este, on Leg 4. Sailing 4000 miles around Australia, in a race against 10 other yachts, for 22 days we will be cold, hot, wet, smelly, sleep deprived and probably pretty frightened but no doubt there will be elements of fun! Normally the domain of seasoned pros, this peculiar race is taken on by normal (or peculiar) people, and in my case a complete novice. I’ve learnt to sail this summer, completed the training and been suited and booted with kit that makes me think I am a fireman lost on the Moon.”

You can find out more and sponsor her here.