OMs Feature in Royal Drawing School Book

Congratulations to Tyga Helme (MM 2003-08) and Rose Artbuthnott (PR 2004-06) who both feature in a beautiful new publication ‘Ways of Drawing’ from the Royal Drawing School. The book, published by Thames & Hudson, comprehensively presents multiple mark-making techniques, practical sessions, thoughts and visual ideas that have been explored by outstanding artists both past and present.

As a tutor at the Royal Drawing School, Tyga has also contributed a creative drawing exercise. This invaluable hardback includes articles by artist and Founding Artistic Director of the Royal Drawing School, Catherine Goodman; artists and tutors Clara Drummond and Sarah Pickstone.

Over 300 illustrated examples of works representing mono printing, collage, etching, ink, charcoal, pastel, paper cut, gouache, watercolour and mixed media abundantly provide a rich and visually diverse resource. ‘Ways of Drawing’ is also included as one of The Times’ Best Art Books of 2019.

Jonathan Parnham
Head of Visual Arts Promotion