OM Dinner in Rye on 30th November 2019

A dinner was held in Rye on 30th November 2019 for over 30 OMs and wives, organised by Simon Compton (PR 1953-57), with participants mainly being local Sussex and Kent dwellers. Little surprise that a number were members of Rye Golf Club, where Simon was Captain a year ago and where MC has always been well represented. He was ably supported by his two sons, Nick (TU 1983-85) and Charlie (TU 1985-89). Brothers Harvey were also contributors to the very enjoyable evening, James (CO 1986-91) and Edward (CO 1989–94), accompanied by their father Andrew (CO 1956-61).

Regardless of age or vocal qualification all attendees sang The Old Bath Road with gusto, where the architectural idiosyncrasies of the restaurant happily allowed for privacy in choosing which notes to sing, and in which order. The Master kindly sent a message of support for the evening, which included the hope that this worthy 1920’s composition would be ‘recognisable’; possibly, but with the overall musicality bearing some resemblance to that heard at a Wembley Final!