Event Review – Cyber Security & Incident Management

On Thursday 5th December a jolly gathering of Marlburian pupils existing, past and Common Room met at Dell SecureWorks London offices to hear the latest from cyber security experts. To the unacquainted cyber security seems a dry subject but, with increasing news stories of individuals and companies left high and dry after being ‘compromised’, this is increasingly essential knowledge.

A big thanks to Simon Godfrey (C3 1984-88) and Rob Floodeen of Dell SecureWorks for hosting us and demonstrating what we take for granted: how constant attacks on our email and other digital services are thwarted so we can work as we would expect. They narrated both commercial and technical avenues on prevention and mitigation, we discussed issues and answered student’s career questions – it is surprising how much a new graduate can earn in this area. There were good interactions from James Hanlon (C1 1996-2001), Angus McNab (SU 1986-91) and Gary Shearn (CR 1998-present). We were recommended to read up on a global initiative developing more effective cybersecurity called ATT&CK.

Here is your handy security checklist from the government’s National Cyber Security Centre:
1. Protect your email by using a strong and separate password
2. Install the latest software and app updates
3. Turn on two-factor authentication on your email
4. Password managers: how they help you secure passwords
5. Secure smartphones and tablets with a screen lock
6. Always back up your most important data

For more on ATT&CK click here and for a full list of issues and their mitigation click here.
For those interested in working in the cyber security field visit the Dell SecureWorks careers page here.

For further information please email us and join the group discussion on MCGlobalConnect.

Wishing you a safe and merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you at our next event in 2020.

All the best,
James and Mark.

James Spender (C2 1987-92)
Mark Tidmarsh (B3 1983-87)