Can You Help?

We have several young OMs looking for Work Experience or an Internship for this coming summer. Andrew Railton (PR 2012-17) says ‘my interests cover development/consultancy and advertising, if anyone has an insight into this then please let me know, thank you!’; Anastasia Kapkin (EL 2017-19) is interested in law and sustainable development, Nadia Hassan (LI 2017-19) is looking for work experience or an internship in France, to improve her spoken French, Nicholas Goh (TH 2012-18) is a 2nd Year Chemical Engineering student hoping to find an internship near London and Billy James (B1 2017-19), who is reading Economics at the University of Bath, would like an internship next June anywhere in the world in the area of finance.

If you can offer assistance then please either contact them directly via MC Global Connect or through the Club Office.