Celebration of the Individual – Concert

This event is now fully booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email Events Manager Fiona Cottrill – fcottrill@marlboroughcollege.org


Saturday 29th February 2020 (7pm) 

On Saturday 29th February a host of the most outstanding Marlburian artists past, present and future will be playing a unique concertin the Memorial Hall.

Celebration of the Individual 2020 will be a one-off concert held in memory of OM and Jamiroquai co-founder Toby Grafftey-Smith (B3 1984-89) and will feature a number of professional OM bands and artists in addition to a host of young talent currently at the College.


  • 330mlTristan Landymore (SU 2006-11) and Tom Stafford (C1 2008-13)
  • SpaceAcre Phoebe Little (MM 2006-11)
  • The Mostar Diving ClubDamian Katkhuda (B1 1983-87)
  • Salome Northridge (IH 2013-18) and Chris Beswick (C1 2013-18)
  • Supported by Henry Dukes (BH Hu) Lucia Imi (EL L6), Algie Lyster-Binns (SU U6), Joe Oliver (CO Hu), Tom Phelps (B1 Hu), Biba Tarn (MM L6) and Florence Tuckey (EL U6).