A Thank You From Diana Silk

A thank you from Diana Silk to all those who contacted her after Dennis’s death.

“We have received so many wonderful letters that it has proved impossible to thank everyone individually. Kate, Alexandra, Tom and Will join me in expressing our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has taken the time to write with your own memories of Dennis. Some memories we knew, many we heard for the first time, but all gave us joy and comfort in the knowledge that he gave so much to so many

I know that Dennis was always grateful that he began his teaching career under the guidance of Tommy Garnett (Master 1952-61), for whom he had a great respect, alongside Ian Beer (CR 1955-61), Lawrence Ellis (CR 1955-77), Colin Goldsmith (CR 1955-91) and John Isaacson (CR 1955-91). A formidable team! It gave him the chance to teach History and English and to play and coach rugby and cricket and he loved the challenges as well as the many opportunities life at Marlborough gave him. Friendships were formed that have remained with him all his life and your letters have shown us how much he meant to you, too.

When we married in 1963, I knew I was very lucky to be part of the Marlborough family and I look back on those years as some of our happiest times. Living in the C1 flat may have been something of a challenge for our ever-increasing family, but the boys accepted their Housemaster’s new responsibilities with good humour and we always had a plentiful supply of babysitters!

Thank you so much for writing all your wonderful letters. They are a great comfort to us all and we are enormously proud of him.

Diana, Kate, Alexandra, Tom and Will”