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Blues Review: New faces take on Sherborne

Sunday 11th August 2019
Marlborough Blues v Sherborne Pilgrims

The Blues won the toss and elected to bat. After accurate bowling from Sherborne and some outstanding pieces of fielding, Marlborough were unable to find any momentum through the first innings. Contributions from Toby Baines (BH 2012-17), Joe Arkwright (SU 2010-15), Andy Bush (PR 1995-2000) and Mike Bush (TU 1993-98) and some late hitting from Alex Armstrong were able to guide the Blues to a score of 148, a target which seemed defendable on a pitch which did not come on to the bat and had a particularly slow and wet outfield.

An early tea was taken due to rain and thus Sherborne set about chasing the total. Some threatening bowling from Alfie Farndale (SU 2011-16), Sam Farndale (SU 2013-18) and Baines offered chances but were not able to pin the top order down. Spin from Alex Armstrong (C1 1996-2001) and M Bush seemed to provide scoreboard pressure but with a damp ball and a levelling out pitch the total of 148 was not significant enough to prevent Sherborne chasing the total with four wickets down.

The game was played in excellent spirit and I was very pleased to have four debutants in the side; the Farndales, Louis Longfield (B1 2014-19) and Jack Redmayne (B1 2014-19). It was also enjoyable to watch three pairs of brothers share partnership throughout the game; Hargrove’s, Bush’s and Farndale’s. The game was played in good spirit and I hope all involved enjoyed the day.

Report by Owen Hargrove (LI 2011-16)