OMs take on DC-BC Cycle

Old Marlburian duo Ali Macleod (SU 2009-14) and Alex Andrews (BH 2009-14) are setting off on a self-supported cycle ride from Washington D.C. to Vancouver in Canada.

“There will be two of us on this adventure, as I am joined by life-long best friend Alex Andrews,” said Macleod.

“Together we will attempt to cycle self-supported from Washington D.C. to Vancouver, Canada. We will ride over 6,700kms, across the flats of Kentucky and over the mountains of Colorado, and through unchartered physical and psychological boundaries. We cannot guarantee success but we will push ourselves in pursuit of it.

“It has been 12 months of slowly putting money aside and six months of planning. Despite the prospect of waking up to banana sandwiches and going to bed on an inflatable pillow, we are both incredibly excited for this opportunity.”

On behalf of The Marlburian Club – we wish them every success and you can follow their adventure via a blog and live tracker, here.

If you are an OM and fancy ‘getting back on the bike’, then join the OM Cycling Club and news of their recent cycle around the Cotswolds can be found here.