MCM Singapore Drinks

On Thursday 22nd August around 30 Old Marlburians gathered at the 1880 Club in Singapore at the invitation of HY Lau (C2 1970-75), Marlburian Club Secretary for Singapore, and Alan Stevens, Master of Marlborough College Malaysia.

For the first time at a Club gathering, OMs from Marlborough Malaysia actually outnumbered those from Wiltshire. However, of much greater importance were the reunions as well as the inter-generational friendships and networking that were enjoyed. A stunning roof terrace on a warm tropical evening with a glass in hand is a hard place to leave, and earnest discussions, punctuated by laughter carried on well beyond the allotted time.

The 1880 Club describes itself as a place where “conversations can make the world a better place; where diverse minds gather and ideas bloom.” What better venue, then, to extend the Marlborough Malaysia mantra of Conversation, Companionship and Compassion.

Until we meet again, we wish all of our young OM guests who are about to disperse across the globe to embark on university courses, a joyful and enriching experience in their adopted homes.

Alan Stevens, Master MCM

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