GCSE Results Day

Congratulations to Marlborough College’s (I)GCSE candidates who are celebrating today.

The following is taken from the Marlborough College website, www.marlboroughcollege.org:

The year group, having outperformed their May predictions at every level, should be incredibly proud that 42% of the grades awarded were the equivalent of the old style A* while 95% of all grades were of the former A*-B standard.

The average points score total was 73, the equivalent of a ten-grade portfolio of 3 grade A*s and 7 grade As. Half of the year group achieved at least 8 grades at 9, 8 and 7 (A* – A equivalent). Well done to all candidates and their teachers for the huge amount of work that went into achieving such excellent and well deserved results.

Just a few of this year’s highlights are below:

Sophie Smith (Dancy) 11 grade 9s
Valentina Milne (Elmhurst) 9 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 1 A*
George Honeyborne (Littlefield) 9 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s
Ariana Jones (Ivy) 9 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s
Freddie Kottler (C2) 9 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s
Alina Dinckok (Elmhurst) 8 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 1 x A*

Louise Moelwyn-Hughes (Master) and Ed Tolputt (Deputy Head Academic)