Event Review: New York Drinks

Over 40 OMs gathered at the home of Mark Pinney (C3 1963-72) and his wife Laura for the annual OM gathering in New York.

It was great to see a spread of ages from Schuyler Neuhauser (B1 2011-16) to the eldest Robert Ball (C1 1954-58) – we hope Robert doesn’t mind us saying that!

Guest of honour was the new Master, Louise Moelwyn-Hughes, who brought those gathered up to speed with life at Marlborough during her first year.

We also welcomed past parents Emanuele and Maria Naccarato, who happened to be in the US during the event. Do remember if you are visiting another country whilst a reception is being held, you are always most welcome to attend.

A huge thanks to Laura and Mark for hosting the event in their splendid loft space apartment… perfect for parties!



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