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Matthew Miller (CO 1982-27) in “Run to Pegasus Bridge”

Matthew Miller (CO 1982-27) recently took part in “Run to Pegasus Bridge” in aid of VeteransUK. He ran a total of 75 miles, starting on the evening of Tuesday 4th of June from Tarrant Rushton. The first leg was 62 miles to Portsmouth. He then caught the ferry and in France ran the rest of the way to Pegasus Bridge. The run was timed to be part of the 75th D-Day Celebrations, Tarrant Rushton being one of the airfields that the gliders set out from for Pegasus Bridge and D-Day.

He also ran in memory of his grandfather Major Nathaniel Miller (C2 1916-20) who was a general surgeon with the Royal Army Medical Corp attached to 195 Air Landing Field Ambulance, part of the 6th Airborne Division, later transferred to Parachute Field Ambulance 224. He landed by glider on D Day and was operationally based at a large house at Le Mariquet east of Ranville.

Nathaniel continued to serve throughout the war and was the first Army doctor to be ordered into Bergen-Belsen, the camp where Anne Frank died weeks before the British Army liberated it. Nat was ordered on 14th April 1945 to enter Bergen-Belsen to “assess the medical position and organise the Medical Services” and was, we believe, the first doctor to enter Bergen-Belsen. Matthew’s brother David Miller (CO 1990-95) wrote this blog about their grandfather’s experience.

Thank you very much to Elena Major (MM 1989-93), sister of Matthew and David for sending this in.

You can donate to Matthew’s fundraiser here.

Major Nathanial Miller is third from the right on the bottom row in the photo.