Etchings by Christopher Hughes

There are two etchings of C House and A House with Chapel on display on the Art School walls that are dignified, low-key, technically accomplished and compellingly beautiful the more one takes the time to view both.

Their author is Christopher Wyndham Hughes (CR 1920-46) who taught and lead art at Marlborough when the department was housed in the Museum Block, throughout the inter-war years and during the Second World War.

Hughes was a watercolorist and printmaker. Under him, painter-etchers of distinction such as Sir Frank Brangwyn, Martin Hardie and Sir Frank Short visited Marlborough College, each on several occasions, and delivered lectures and practical workshops to pupils.

Hughes became Mayor of Marlborough in 1935, 1944, 1955 and 1959. This fifth Head of Art (there have been 11 in total since College was founded) was born on 8th June 1880.

Edward Twohig
Head of Art