OMs Inspire at Careers Speed Dating

MANY thanks to the following OMs who gave up their time to inspire the next generation at the Careers Speed dating event at the College last week:

Ben Cooper (TU 1995-2000) – Investment Strategist, Hugo Bailey (SU 2002-07) – Online business start-ups, Tom Geddes (TU 2004-09) – Doctor, Holly Scott-Donaldson (MO 1989-91) – Digital Marketing, Philip Mostyn (CO 1992-96) – General Management, Oliver Randall (PR 1993-98) – Project Management, Katyuli Lloyd (MO 1998-03) – Artist, Tom Durant-Pritchard (TU 2001-06) – Actor, Polly Rathbone-Ward (EL/NC 1989-93) – Human Resources, Quentin Hicks (C2 1995-2000) – International Company Expansion, Rory Shaw (BH 1995-2000) – TV/Film Industry, Catherine Brumwell (NC 1991-96) – Publishing and Caroline Rowland (MO 1992-96) – Business Psychology.

Cameron Heyring (C1 Hu) found the event inspiring,

“I found the ‘Career Speed Dating’ event an eye-opening experience. I think the fact that we were able to compare ourselves to the OM speakers was stimulating, as we are currently undergoing the same trials and tribulations they experienced. The dynamic pace of speed dating meant that any questions we wished to ask were straight to the point, and this meant no information or time was wasted.

We found out what it’s really like post-university, and in ‘the real world’ beyond. The advice we were given about what potential careers await us was both interesting and inspiring, as we discovered the ins and outs of working life. Some of the advice we were given gave us the opportunity to see a subject we could study at school turned into a potential job, and this was captivating and potentially career changing. I have since changed one of my A-level options which I think will benefit me in the long run.

Overall this was a very positive experience, giving me and my peers a new outlook on life and the possible careers in our futures. We were told, ‘Do what you love in life’, and I believe that this was a much-needed reminder that in life if you love what you do then you will do well.”

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