Carpentry Prize

“I was pleased to see some of the practical Old Marlburians given space in the winter 2016 OM Club Magazine.

My brother (Colin Labouchere, LI 1952-56) pointed out that I won the Carpentry Prize in 1954 with the building of the Village Green Seat at Sculthorpe, Norfolk, commissioned in memory of the 1953 Coronation of our Queen Elizabeth II. Shown in the photo as it was delivered to the village, and in the same place some 63 years later.

‘Bushy (for his short fuse) Brent’ was the Master in charge of the Carpenters’ Shop behind Mount House. Towards completion the seat occupied much of the workshop. It was constructed of Burma (then available) Teak from Mallinsons (OMs all) and cost my father the then considerable outlay of £18 10s. The completed seat came 200 miles home on the roof of the Ford V-8 shooting brake. Since then I have worked in many churches and cathedrals replacing angels, ogres, saints and not a few pew-ends as a church joiner and wood-carver.

Thank-you MC for giving me this great start to an interesting life.”

by John Labouchere (PS 1949-54)