Obituary: Vee King Shaw (CO 1958-62)

Mr Vee King Shaw, (CO 1958-1963), passed away peacefully in Singapore aged 73 on 13 July 2017.

The eldest son of Tan Sri Dr. Runme Shaw and his wife Peggy, Shaw is notable for leading massive changes to his family’s film exhibition and real estate business in Singapore by redeveloping and upgrading Shaw Brothers’ single screen theatres into modern multiplexes and commercial developments. Prior to his return to Singapore in 1981, Shaw was also involved in film production, distribution and exhibition in Hong Kong under his uncle, Sir Run Run Shaw.

A contributing member of society, he was a Justice of the Peace, a council member of the Shaw Foundation, Chairman and later Advisor to the National Fire Prevention and Civil Emergency Council and a founding member of the International Seakeepers Society.

In 2002, he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Medicine and in 2004 he was awarded Singapore’s Public Service Star for his numerous contributions.

Whilst at Marlborough, he excelled in Boxing and was infamous for being picked up by his housemaster as he was hitchhiking back to school from Swindon where he had just caught a movie. An early indicator of his passion for the movie industry!

An avid fisherman, scuba diver and sailor, Shaw once landed a 280lb Queen Mackerel, one of the largest ever recorded, whilst skin diving off the waters of Hong Kong in 1979.

He is survived by his mother, Peggy; wife, Linda and his three children, Markham (CO 1982-1987), Howard (CO 1988-1990) and Nicola.