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Schools Putting competition winners

THE OM putting elite – David Niven (C3 1970-73), Richard Graham (B1 1981-85), Tom Macfarlane (TU 1996-2001) and Jack Naylor (C2 1975-80) – won the Schools Putting competition at Royal Wimbledon.

The competition was won for the second time in ten years, this time by one point from Lancing, with Wellington and King’s Taunton a distant third.

Ably led and managed by Chris Dowling (B2 1966-71), who was 400 miles away, Tom won an outstanding 13 (out of a possible 14) points and despite darkness falling before the final round was completed, victory had already been sealed.

Is this a portent for the Grafton Morrish (7-9 October) and next year’s Halford Hewitt?

Congratulations to the team, not forgetting Angus Murray (BH 1983-88) and Chaz Blockley (C1 1996-2001), who helped us to qualify in June – sadly, they do not receive winners’ medals!