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On the Shelves – ‘Promised You a Miracle UK 80-82’

ANDY Beckett (SU 1983-88), author of Promised You a Miracle UK 80-82 – was recently interviewed by Radcliffe and Maconie about his book on Radio 6 Music.

“The early 1980s in Britain were a time of hope, and of dread: of Cold War tension and imminent conflict, when crowds in the street could mean an ecstatic national celebration or an inner-city riot. Here, Andy Beckett recreates an often misunderstood moment of transition, with all its potential and uncertainty: the first precarious years of Margaret Thatcher’s government. By the end of 1982, the country was changing, leaving the kinder, more sluggish postwar Britain decisively behind, and becoming the country we have lived in ever since: assertive, commercially driven, outward-looking, often harsher than its neighbours”.

The book has also been reviewed by The Guardian, which can be found here.