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Watch Your Head Theatre Company

WATCH Your Head is a theatre company set up by Sasha McMurray (LI 2005-07) and Sara Langridge (MO 2005-07).

Following the success of their open air immersive A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park in 2015 they will return with an immersive As You Like It in 2016. Watch Your Head aims to create exciting theatrical experiences, engaging as many people as possible with accessible and visually exciting versions of classic texts.

As a young, unsubsidised company with high production costs, the company relies on sponsorship and investment in order to get the shows up and running. Watch Your Head operate with the belief that while many people enjoy the arts, those who make a career out of it are often pitifully remunerated or not at all. The company aims to pay performers and creatives properly. Any support or interest in collaboration would be much appreciated.

For further information email Sasha.