OMs reminisce over City lunch

A gathering of ten Old Marlburians recently took place at the Honourable Artillery Company in the City. The lunch was organised by Adrian Platt (C2 1949-54), with the help of Michael Virtue (C2 1949-54), who is also a member at the venue.

Whilst some of them had been able to keep in touch, many had not seen each other for about 62 years! Despite that they enjoyed a very happy get together and found that they had so much in common even though their lives had taken different directions.

After much research, and help from the Marlburian Club, Adrian and Michael were able locate a good nucleus of old friends, even if sadly some friends were no longer with us. By coincidence the majority were from C2 with a number from Preshute. They are all keen to have another lunch in two years’ time, particularly the Preshute contingent who hope to have more representatives, and hopefully some from other houses.

Best wishes to Patrick Keightley (C2 1949-53) who had hoped to be there but was unwell and to David Slee (C2 1950-54), who was coming from Australia, broke his ankle and could not travel.

If anyone in this year range or close to it would like to be contacted for future lunches please get in touch.

From the left [in beard] Jimmy Doak (C2 1949-53), Robert Savory (C2 1949-53), Michael Virtue (C2 1949-54), Jeremy Coltart (PR 1949-54), John Labouchere (PR 1950-54), Muir Stratford (PR 1949-54), Ben Hopkinson (C2 1949-54), David Forster (C2 1949-53), Chris Bond (C2 1950-54), Adrian Platt (C2 1949-54).

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