Coffee Logs launched by Bio-Bean

ARTHUR Kay (PR 2004-09) is bio-bean’s founder and CEO. In two years, he has grown the bio-bean team to 25 and built the world’s first waste coffee recycling factory. He is now launching their latest product – Coffee Logs – recycling coffee waste into biofuel you can use in the home.

Find out more about Bio Bean’s crowdfunding campaign – live until 23 May as part of #VOOM. They are exclusively accepting orders for Coffee Logs and a range of exciting rewards (free coffee, mugs, tickets and more!) via this campaign.

Coffee Logs are biomass briquettes that can be used in a wide range of appliances such as wood burning stoves, pizza ovens, BBQs, smokers, chimeneas or just on your open fire at home. When compared to conventional fuels, Coffee Logs are more sustainable, cheaper, hotter, burn for longer, and are sourced and manufactured from waste coffee grounds by bio-bean in the UK.

Bio Bean works with coffee shops, office blocks, transport hubs, instant coffee factories, roasteries and waste management companies from all over the UK to collect tens of thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds and recycle them into a range of innovative biofuel products and can recycle 1 in 10 cups of coffee drunk in the UK. Click here to discover more.