Lam to lead Svalbard expedition

THIS summer James Lam (CO 2007-2012) will be leading an Oxford University Expedition to Svalbard in the High Arctic.

They will attempt a 184-mile crossing of East Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago, just 700 miles from the North Pole. They will retrace an Oxford expedition that explored this region of the Arctic in 1923, one which has yet to be repeated. For five weeks they will ski entirely unsupported, towing all their equipment in sledges and building on the previous expedition’s scientific legacy. James became obsessed with climbing and subsequently with expeditions almost as soon as he started in Shell. Since his first trip to the Alps with Marlborough Outdoor Activities led by the late Mr Rosedale and other members of the OA department in 2008 he has never looked back! He sees this expedition as a chance to also work on another passion that began when he was at Marlborough: using science to ‘make a difference’. The main purpose of this expedition is to record the effects of climate change in this Arctic region.

Travelling to one of the farthest, frozen corners of the Earth is a major undertaking in itself, and is one which carries significant financial costs. The whole team are making major personal contributions to ensure the expedition’s viability. In addition, they are applying to a number of charitable and scientific bodies for funding, but there is a limit to what they can provide. Through the generosity of private donors and sponsors, relatively modest sums can help achieve a great deal. James is asking any OMs who have an interest in this undertaking and who have the capacity to do so to consider making a donation towards the costs of what will potentially be an important expedition. They would be immensely grateful for any support.

At the end of June, all donors will be invited to an evening in Oxford to celebrate the 1923 expedition. They will showcase a number of artefacts and a presentation will be given about the historical perspective of our trip. To support the team and find out more about the expedition please visit the website or contact James via email.