High Sheriff of Dorset

SIR Philip Williams (LI 1963-68) has been ‘pricked’ at a 1,000 year tradition to appoint a High Sheriff of Dorset.

The names of nominees are pricked on vellum so they could not avoid the position which was an unpopular and dangerous role – the first incumbent fell foul of irate Vikings in Weymouth while collecting taxes and was killed.

Not many wanted it because they were liable for any perceived shortfall in income and would often try and bribe their way out of it but there was no disputing the pin hole and the practice survives to this day.

Sir Philip will make his Declaration of Office in front of invited guests in the Victorian Gallery of the Dorset County Museum on Tuesday 29th March. Click here for the full story.

Sir Philip said it was an honour and a privilege to take on the role, He will be following in his mother’s footsteps – Elizabeth, Lady Williams was the first female High Sheriff in 1979.